The Biggest Food-Related Story of 2018: Chicken in ‘Chilean Chili’

New York City chefs and diners have long debated whether or not to order a meal at a restaurant with a dish that’s not Chilean, but this is no longer the case.

New Yorkers are now using the word Chilean chili in place of the word “chile” in a slew of dishes and products that have become a staple of their everyday lives.

The Chilean chili, also known as “tampa,” is an indigenous dish that originated in Chile in the 19th century.

It was a dish of traditional Chile, and in its original form, a mixture of ground beef, corn, and chili peppers, was used to make stew and chile-infused dishes.

But in the 1970s, as the country gained popularity, it also became a popular dish for many Argentines and Chilean Americans to eat.

“There was a lot of controversy in the restaurant industry in Chile about whether it was OK to use the word ‘Chilesi’ or ‘Chili,'” said José Gomes, a professor at the Institute of Culinary Arts at the University of Buenos Aires who specializes in the cuisine of Chile.

“The restaurant industry wanted to be seen as a foodstuff, and it wasn’t that easy for them to say, ‘No, this is not chili,'” Gomes said.

“The restaurant had to figure out, How can we do something that is authentic and that is in line with the culture and that doesn’t have that same stigma that comes with ‘Chilis’?”

“Chilises’ are the first food that people get excited about,” said the restaurant owner and chef José Gome.

“Chilias are something that people eat all the time.”

For years, Chileans have been calling this dish Chilean chili.

But recently, there have been many reports of Chileans using the term Chilean chili to describe dishes such as guacamole, a spicy, salty dish.

Gomes and others believe this trend is largely fueled by a lack of awareness among restaurants and the restaurant culture itself.

“It’s like they just said, ‘Let’s use Chilean chili,’ and that’s exactly what it is,” Gomes explained.

“They are not going to be saying, ‘Oh, this soup is Chilean,’ because that’s a big mistake.

It’s going to say this is Chilean chili.”

Gomes and other chefs are now trying to help push Chileans to start using Chilean chili more often.

They’re launching a new project called Chilean Chili Now, a program that aims to help restaurants educate their patrons about the dish.

“Chileans have the capacity to say no to a lot things.

That is part of the Chilean identity, the sense of ‘No,'” Gome said.”

You don’t know the history, you don’t have the language,” he said.

Gomes is now using Chilean chiles to prepare all sorts of recipes, from traditional dishes to contemporary favorites like soups and stews.

The restaurant will have its own menu for the first time, featuring Chilean chile, but it will also have dishes from the rest of Chile, including chile sauce, chili powder, and cheese.

“We will be adding new Chilean chilies, new sauces, new flavors to the menu.

We will introduce new dishes that are not necessarily Chilean,” Gome added.

“It will be something that you can try with your family.”

The New York Times’ Food & Wine article is an ongoing project covering the intersection of food and culture.

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