Italian Football Association’s bid for an ‘American’ stadium to be built in southern Italy is unlikely

By PAUL ARAGÈNOSIALDO The football association’s bid to build an “American” stadium in the southern region of Lombardy has been thrown into doubt, as the regional authorities refused to back the plan.

It’s been widely speculated that the proposal by the Italian football association would cost the state a whopping $1.8 billion, with the cost of construction already in the billions.

The bid, which was initially expected to go ahead, has now been put on hold as the local authorities refuse to back it.

It will now need to be revived by a court.

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni has said he will not give up on the project.

“We are prepared to negotiate in good faith with the local government and it will be a political decision,” Gentilino said.

“There are many reasons why we need a stadium here in Lombardy.”

The proposal by Italy’s Football Association to build a new stadium in Lombardia has been put back to the regional government after being dropped by the regional president in a controversial move.

The regional mayor has ruled that the proposed venue, in the area of Cagliari, does not comply with the country’s building regulations.

“The construction of a stadium in Caglia is not permitted, even if it is approved by the local council,” said city councillor Federico Scalfari, who is spearheading the campaign against the proposal.

“As a result, the project is cancelled.”

He added that the project will cost the regional authority around 2.8 million euros ($2.9 million), with an initial cost of around 2 billion euros.

It is a massive undertaking, costing at least 40 times the original budget for a stadium for Italy.

Italian officials say the proposal is a necessary step in their attempts to win back European football, as they are struggling to keep pace with the growth of the US market.

“A new stadium will be part of the development of a football country and it is a way to get a better image and a more solid financial base,” said Federico De Luca, the president of the European Football Confederation.

“It will help to create a new level of competitiveness for the country.”

The Italian government has pledged to spend at least 10% of the budget on a stadium.

The Italian Football Federation said the bid was “a long-term project with great ambition”.

“This stadium is a milestone for Lombardy and will be the first step towards the development and development of our future stadiums in the region,” it said in a statement.

“This project will bring great benefit to the community, not only for Lombardians but also for football lovers from all over Europe.”

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