Browns Seafood News: Surimi Seafood is coming back in 2018

Surimi seafood is returning in 2018 with a new line of products, and it is being produced at a factory in the United States.

The company’s founder, Yoshitaka Masuike, told reporters that he wants to create an “emotional connection with our customers,” according to the Tokyo Post.

The first line of Surimi products will launch in late 2018.

According to Masuoke, the brand will be based on the “authentic, Japanese-style seafood” and the “freshness” of the seafood.

He added that the “sustainable” seafood products will be “free from mercury and other contaminants.”

He also explained that the brand was “coming back to the United Kingdom” after a hiatus, and that he hoped that “a few” of his customers would visit his store in England.

Masuisei, who previously worked at Tsukiji fish market, is now focusing on expanding his business.

He also said that he had plans to create a new brand of Surimis and to develop new products for the market.

“I will also do more projects,” he said.

“The idea of creating a brand is something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

In May, Masuisa said that the company planned to invest ¥6 billion ($6.5 million) in its new factory.

He said that Surimi will manufacture all its products in the U.K. and plans to open its first factory in 2019.

The brand has been making a splash in the seafood world for several years now, with the launch of its “Fresh and Simple” line of fishmeal in 2015 and a new product called “Sea Prawns” in 2018.

The line, which sells for around ¥60 ($1.50) a pound, is based on Japanese traditional sushi and seaweed, and is also made at Masuis own Tsukiji seafood market in Japan.

In 2018, Surimi expanded its line of seafood products with “Fresh & Easy” line, featuring fresh seafood, fresh fishballs and fish salad, and “Sushi Prawn” line featuring fresh sushi and fish, salad and vegetable prawns.

The lines are designed to appeal to younger consumers who are “more interested in seafood, less interested in traditional sushi,” according the company.

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