Youngs Seafoods: ‘We want to show our faces and be proud of it’

A couple from Sydney’s west coast were in for a rude shock when they got a visit from the sea and got to watch a giant fish in the water.

On Monday, Sydney’s Youngs Aquarium hosted the first ever “Sea of Youngs” event, where a giant sea serpent was caught and put in the aquarium’s glass display.

“We had to be really careful with the safety of the fish,” said youngs aquarium director Peter O’Toole.

The fish was caught by staff after a local fisherman spotted it swimming near the water’s edge.

The sea serpent is one of a series of fish that will be put in display in the showroom, but Mr O’Toole said the show would also be the first time he had seen a sea snake in person.

“It’s definitely going to be a big hit with the kids and the adults who are going to come see it,” he said.

“I’ve never seen a snake in the tank before.”

Mr O’Itole said he and his team had been approached by the aquarium in the hope of raising money for the Great Barrier Reef’s health.

“The reef is in real danger, we are in a situation where it is at risk,” he told Al Jazeera.

“And we’re in a very bad situation in terms of climate change, we’re not doing as much as we need to do to protect the reef.”

This is a very good opportunity to show the reef to the world that the people who are working on the reef are doing a lot of great things.

“Mr Ewart, a marine biologist, said he hoped that the event would be an opportunity for the community to share knowledge and help keep the reef healthy.”

To me, the fish is a symbol of a healthy reef,” he added.”

Because of the great changes that have been happening in the reef over the last decade, the reef is going through a period of crisis.

“Hopefully people will be inspired to do something about it.”

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