Why China has become the world’s seafood king

A century ago, China had a much larger fish population than it does today.

But the nation’s growth was rapid, fueled by the massive construction of highways, factories, roads and ports.

But with the country’s population growing at a staggering rate, the country has now overtaken the United States as the world in terms of fish consumption.

And now, the fish population is expected to reach 790 million by 2025.

The China government recently released its National Fishery Management Plan, a blueprint for the nation to keep up with growing demand for fish.

The plan calls for expanding production of fish at home and importing fish from overseas, which are typically caught in far-flung waters off the coasts of Japan, Korea and other countries.

But some experts believe that China could not meet its fish demand if it continued to import seafood.

A lot of the imports are from South Korea and Vietnam, according to The China Daily, a newspaper in Beijing.

“We’re importing fish that we’re not growing and it’s not a sustainable way to keep growing,” said David Molnar, an expert on fish economics at Cornell University.

According to the Chinese government, the government has managed to keep fish populations at around 8 million per year in the past.

The problem is, fish farmers are struggling to maintain the supply and are not able to produce enough fish to satisfy demand.

China’s fish farmers have struggled to keep their fish farms going as they struggle to meet demand.

China’s Fisheries Ministry recently announced that the country is importing a whopping 40 percent of its fish consumption, up from 8 percent in 2015.

China is the world leader in the use of antibiotics, but its farmers are also struggling to meet the growing demand.

Last year, the Chinese Food and Drug Administration warned farmers that there was “a high risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria becoming a serious threat to human health and welfare.”

According to a study published by the World Health Organization, antibiotics are now the most commonly used antibiotics in the world, and it has been estimated that around 3.5 billion people worldwide suffer from antibiotic-resistance.

The rise of China’s fish production has made it difficult for the Chinese economy to meet its growing demand, and its exports are also a major issue.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, China’s imports of fish have more than doubled since 2013, while exports of fish dropped by half.

China has been exporting more than 4 million metric tons of fish annually since 2013 to the United Kingdom, according the Bureau of Industry and Security.

But while the U

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