Vietnam seafood prices hit their lowest in five years – CNN

Vietnam’s seafood market is on the cusp of its lowest price in five decades.

The price of a pound of fish in Phnom Penh is $11.39, according to market watcher Vietnam Daily.

The country is on track to be one of the cheapest countries to catch seafood this year, according with the Global Fish Market Monitor report released in February.

According to Vietnam Daily, Vietnam’s fish market is one of Asia’s top 10, and is the third largest in the world after China and the Philippines.

It is a major export market for Vietnam.

The market is also used by China and Japan.

Vietnamese fish prices have been trending downwards.

In the past, Vietnam imported about 2 million tons of seafood a year.

In 2017, the country imported 3.8 million tons, according the market monitor.

Prices are expected to drop to 2.2 million tons by 2022.

Phnom Poh, the city where Vietnam is located, is also the main source of demand for Vietnam’s meat, seafood and vegetables.

The markets are also known for the cheap and abundant quality of fish.

The Vietnamese government has recently tightened restrictions on importing meat, and the country has introduced a ban on importing seafood.

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has also launched an ambitious plan to modernize the country’s fish and seafood industry, and he is hoping to see seafood prices improve.

But he still has some catching up to do.

Vietnam Daily said Vietnamese fish producers are facing the challenge of adjusting to new and improved market conditions.

“The new market conditions are more favorable than the old ones, but there are still some fish markets that have yet to be modernized,” the report quoted Nguyen Hoi-min, a Phnom Pray Phong University professor who specializes in fish and marine resources.

“But they are now doing well.

We expect that the market will stabilize in the coming years.”

Vietnam Daily added that Phnom Trong, the largest market in Vietnam, is the countrys largest market for seafood and has recently witnessed a drop in prices.

In 2018, it was reported that the city of Phnom Tuyong, which is near Phnom Phuong, is seeing a drop of about 30% in fish exports due to market conditions and a lack of demand.

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