The world’s oldest living fish – the Stavis

By: Sarah Cunha – 09/24/2018A stavis is the world’s longest-living fish.

The fish can live for up to 50 years, and they are the worlds oldest known living vertebrate.

The Stavis, a long-lived species of the cichlid family, have been found in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Papua New Guinea.

They are the oldest known fish to have been recorded living.

They can reach up to 18ft (5 metres) long.

Stavis are found in a range of marine environments, including coral reefs and the deep sea, where they can grow to be over a metre long and weighing as much as 500kg.

Stavius was found in Queensland’s Cairns Reef, which is a popular tourist destination.

“It’s just incredible, it’s a very special animal that’s not found anywhere else,” Stavis expert Dr Rob McBride said.

“Stavias are a great indicator of the state of the world, the environment and the health of Australia.”

Stavia are a small, dark green, pink-brown fish.

They are an important food source for many species of fish, and are one of the most widely consumed fish species.

“They are a little bit of a rarity, so they are really hard to come across,” Dr McBride explained.

“You’d probably have to go out into the ocean to find one, and if you found one you would probably want to eat it.”

We would say the Stavias population is now at approximately 15,000.

“The Stavia is a relatively small fish, measuring between 5.5cm and 6cm long.

It is said to be a member of the Cichlidae family, and is one of only three known species of Cichloridae in the world.”

The Staves are an excellent indicator of marine life, they tell us where they are, they’re looking for food, they are looking for things like squid, snapper and mackerel, so it’s really a good indicator,” Dr Robert Mould, curator of marine biology at the Queensland Museum, said.

Dr McBride says they are very similar to modern cichlos in that they have long necks, a pair of long fins, a strong tail and a long body.

The fish can also swim at high speeds, and can swim out to as much 40km (25 miles) per hour.

Dr Mould said it was also possible that the Staves were a scavenger fish.”

There is also evidence that the fish can move faster than other animals.”

They’re one of a number of species of sharks that are able to swim fast, but they are also the only known shark that can do that.”

There is also evidence that the fish can move faster than other animals.

The fossil record is limited, and we are still trying to figure out exactly what they ate.

The species was found on the shores of Queensland’s Lake Macquarie in 1972.

It was named after a member in the Stave family, but the exact species name is not known.

The discovery has sparked debate over whether or not they are still a species of cichloid.

Dr Cunwa, the author of the research paper, said she believed the Staws are still alive.

“I think they are a very valuable and important indicator of where marine life is, where it is in its life cycle,” she said.

She said they are often found along the coastline of Queensland.

“So, they can be found at beaches, and at sea level, so that’s something that’s important,” she added.

Dr Robert Muffield, a member from the University of New South Wales’ School of Biological Sciences, said he was excited about the discovery.

“As a researcher and as a marine biologist, I am really interested in the long-term evolution of marine animals and marine life has always fascinated me,” he told ABC Radio Queensland.


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