How the seafood industry is making its way in Japan

Japanese seafood has been a big deal in recent years, thanks to a booming seafood industry and a strong economy.

But it’s also a big problem in the Pacific Rim.

The Philippines is a large fish-eating country with a population of nearly 1.3 billion people.

But for the last three decades, the fish-consuming nation has been plagued by an epidemic of infections and disease.

The seafood industry, which is still heavily influenced by traditional fishing methods, has become an important part of the nation’s economy.

It’s been in the news recently when it was revealed that a company called Cimara Corporation, owned by a local seafood tycoon, was buying an island in the Philippines for $500 million.

The island, which was recently named for a Philippine politician, has a population that’s roughly equal to Hawaii, but it’s a prime location for catching and transporting seafood in the region.

The company is also using the islands location to expand into other markets.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, a spokesperson for the Philippine seafood company Cimada said the deal will be a “natural extension” of the company’s work with the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The agreement is expected to bring more than 1,000 jobs to the island, as well as create at least 1,500 jobs.

The new fish-farming business will have to be approved by the Philippines’ cabinet, but the company says it will take advantage of the island’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a convenient location for shipping and fishing.

The country’s fishermen say the move will be good for the industry, and the Philippines has had an influx of foreign workers in recent months.

But critics argue that the seafood business is being used to enrich the countrys fishing and other industries, and that the new deal is just another attempt to benefit its fishing companies.

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