California Seafood Producers Are Protesting The FDA Over Its Seafood Policy

CAIRO — In a letter sent to FDA Administrator Dr. David Kessler on February 10, California seafood producers and processors said they will “immediately and forcefully” seek to block FDA approval of their products, which include crab and shrimp.

The letter comes after the FDA recently announced plans to increase the number of species it classifies as endangered by the end of the year.

According to the California seafood industry group California Seafirst, the proposed change is likely the result of increased pressure from industry members, who claim the proposed rule could increase their sales and profitability.

The seafood industry association claims that if the FDA decides to increase species to “endangered” status, the industry will not be able to produce seafood that is still safe to eat.

“The proposed rule is designed to make seafood products more costly and time-consuming to produce, and therefore less appealing to consumers,” the letter read.

The letter was signed by California seafood processors, including SeaFresh Seafood, which produces crab and shrimps, and Blue Sky Seafood and Blue Shell Seafood.

Although it did not name the California producers, SeaFresh, Sea Fresh Seafood , Blue Shell and Blue Water Seafood all claim to produce and sell seafood.

SeaFresh claims to be the world’s largest producer of seafood, and claims to produce over 90 percent of the world seafoods consumed by the public.

Blue Shell is one of the most successful seafood processors in the world, according to the company’s website.

Blue Shell was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

Blue Water has since expanded into the United States and Canada, and its largest customers are in California, Hawaii and Alaska.

Blue Sky is headquartered out of San Francisco and has branches in California.

The California Seafertood association is a joint venture between the California Seaforthood Association and the Seafood Business Institute.

While the industry has grown substantially since the late 1980s, it has not been without its share of controversy.

In 2013, California Seafaith claimed the FDA changed the definition of seafood after it received a report from the United Nations that the state was importing “hundreds of thousands of tons of shrimp” from China.

The FDA later said that was not the case.

California Seafaith said it also received a letter from the California Department of Public Health, which found that California seafood imports are “almost exclusively from the U.S. and China,” and that it was “not a matter of concern” that California imports were more expensive than foreign seafood.

On January 25, the California Fish and Game Commission also received reports that the California Ocean Fisheries Commission (CODC) was importing shrimp from China and shrimp from Japan.

At the time, CODC said it had received reports of seafood imports from a total of 15 countries, including China and Japan.

CODT had previously said that shrimp imported from China had been purchased from the CODCs own stock, not from the government, but this statement was subsequently dropped by the COGC.

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