Australia’s lobster boom could see $6bn worth of lobster shipped out of New Zealand

Australia’s economic boom is about to get even bigger, with the export of lobster to New Zealand set to increase by more than $6 billion over the next five years.

The country has exported more than 60 million tonnes of lobster since it signed the landmark New Zealand-Australia Free Trade Agreement in the early 1990s, and has exported another 1.8 million tonnes in the past three years.

Australia’s lobster market is expected to grow by as much as 60 per cent over the five-year period, according to a report from consultancy firm Macquarie Group.

The export of New England lobsters to New York City has also been growing rapidly, reaching $8.5 million in July.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the New Zealand market has the potential to be a “superfood” for the country, but the country’s exports of New Jersey lobsters have been a big draw for the international markets.

But some are sceptical about New Zealand’s ability to compete with New York’s export demand.

“I think New Zealand has been quite slow in the development of the New York market and its ability to become a true global lobster supplier,” says Anthony Gee, a senior lecturer in marine and coastal management at the University of New South Wales.

“We’re seeing a big reduction in lobster prices in the United States and that’s likely to continue for the next few years.”

New Zealand is not a world-class producer of lobsters.

It’s just one of those countries.

“Australia is Australia’s largest export market for lobster, accounting for nearly half of all the world’s lobster exports.

Its largest exporter, China, is expected by 2020 to export about 60 million kilograms of lobster a year, compared with New Zealand, which has only about 10 million.”

Australia’s supply is likely to remain stable over the longer term, but it’s also going to increase over the medium term,” Gee says.

Lobster prices have risen in the U.S. in recent years, as producers have cut production.

In October, New York state, which is home to most of the world, banned the sale of lobster claws and shells, in response to the growing demand.

But there are concerns that New Zealand is becoming a “market for cheap imports” and that the market could become oversupplied in the future.

Langdon says New Zealand could benefit from a stronger lobster market, which would enable the country to focus on its other export products such as beef, beef products and beef and lamb.”

It’s a great opportunity for us as a nation to focus our resources on growing our domestic markets and our export markets, rather than looking to compete globally,” Langdon says.”

If we can keep the demand in New Zealand and maintain our competitiveness in New York, then we can continue to develop and grow our domestic market and grow the export market in New England.

“Australia’s lobsters may soon be a global trade leader.


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