Why did I skip out on the best seafood restaurants in Melbourne?

The first thing you notice when you arrive at the popular Seafood Market is the stunning view.

The Market is right on the waterfront of Melbourne’s CBD, nestled between Melbourne’s most popular beaches and Melbourne’s busiest shopping street.

The seafront area is lined with shops, restaurants and cafes offering all sorts of seafood and local produce.

The Seafood market is known for its delicious seafood, with prices ranging from $6.50 for small pieces and $18 for the most spectacular pieces to $60 for the biggest, most expensive pieces.

While you can spend as much as you like, you’ll definitely want to head out to the best of the best when you’re in the CBD.

This year, Seafood was also the first venue to open at night on Sunday, November 1st.

For those looking for a quieter spot, we’ve also added some great new places to explore in the city.


The Bistro on the Beach This family-owned, family-run restaurant has been serving a classic Mediterranean style seafood meal since the 1940s.

It’s got a very relaxed atmosphere and it’s a great place to chill out and relax with a beer and a good book.

There’s also a selection of wines, cocktails and beers to choose from.


The Cafe on the Harbourside The cafe and restaurant is located in the heart of the CBD on the harbourside.

It serves up a wide range of seafood including tuna, crab, swordfish and mackerel.

It also has a selection that’s good for vegetarians.


The Cauldron on the Riverbank It’s not just about the seafood.

The café and restaurant has a wide selection of beer and wines to choose.


The Fishmongers’ Table Seafood is a great choice for those looking to enjoy a more relaxing meal in the garden.

The menu is packed with seafood, such as the tender, smoky shrimp, salmon, and trout.


The Garden on the Hill The restaurant and cafe offers a wide variety of traditional Australian foods, such the sweet potato cake, rice pudding, and sweet potato pancake.


The Fresh Fish House A small yet popular restaurant, the Fresh Fish house serves up some of the freshest fresh fish in Melbourne.

The place has been on the city’s waterfront since 1993 and has become one of the favourites in the area.


The Diving Bar There’s a lot of diving in Melbourne, and the diving bar is the place to be for some fantastic experiences.

The restaurant offers a variety of diving lessons, as well as a full bar, plus a great selection of drinks.


The Great Northern Seafood Bar There are some great dive spots in Melbourne for those who want to learn more about diving.

The dive bar is a must-try, with a wide menu of food and drinks.


The Ocean Cafe and Bar This restaurant and bar offers a good selection of food, wine and beer, as a good place to unwind.


The Restaurant at The Beach It’s a fantastic place to relax with some great food and wine.


The Wine Bar There is a fantastic selection of wine, from small plates and small glasses to big bottles and wines.


The Beachside Restaurant This restaurant serves up great local food and has a great range of local beers.


The Surf Shop and Surf Bar This is an excellent place to enjoy some great surf and snorkelling in the water.


The Sports Bar & Pool The sports bar and pool is the perfect place to take a nap and catch up on the latest news.


The City Restaurant The City has a variety and is the city restaurant and is perfect for a late lunch or late dinner.


The Coffee Shop There’s an excellent selection of coffee, with many delicious coffees.


The Gourmet Food Store The cafe offers an extensive selection of delicious food and is an ideal place to have a meal.


The Spa This is a wonderful place to get the perfect massage.


The Nightclub The club is one of Melbourne City’s most well-known venues.


The Aquarium The aquarium is a huge attraction, and it serves up an amazing selection of fish and plants.


The Art Gallery This is where artists showcase their work.


The Waterpark This is the best spot to enjoy water sports, as the pool is big enough for all types of swimmers.


The Gardens This is just a short walk away from the beach, so there’s plenty of fun to be had.


The Park & Ride Park The park is the ideal place for kids and families.

There are plenty of places to enjoy the park, with plenty of different activities to choose for your child.


The Fitness Club The gym is a fun place for people of all ages.

It offers a number of different sports such as swimming

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