Which are the best seafood dishes for the Holidays?

There’s a lot of great seafood to choose from this time of year.

Here are the top five dishes for your Christmas party.1.

Lobster rollsWith a hint of lobster, this simple yet delicious lobster roll is so versatile it could be called a fish sandwich.

It’s packed with a combination of fresh seafood, creamy tomato sauce and crunchy bacon.2.

Roasted octopusThis delicacy is cooked to perfection in a traditional marinade.

You can use any seafood, but if you opt for octopus that’s cooked in a red wine marinadio, it will be more intense and flavoursome.3.

Fish cakeA good choice for the Christmas dinner table is a fish cake that has been marinated in a simple, buttery sauce and baked in the oven.4.

Fish tacosA traditional fish taco with smoked fish, grilled onions and fresh avocado is a delicious way to start your holiday.5.

Chicken and potatoes with applejackA simple, healthy meal with a hint the classic dish of chicken and potatoes.

This dish is made with whole grain chicken and the perfect combination of apples and pears for a flavourful combination.6.

Prawn cocktailA delicious seafood cocktail that is made from ingredients from around the world.

A great choice for a casual holiday dinner party.7.

Fish filletA traditional seafood fillet is served with a traditional sauce of ginger, garlic, red wine and lime.8.

Lobsters with tomato sauceFish fillet with a special sauce made with fresh vegetables and spices.

It makes a great appetiser or a main course.9.

Chicken soupA traditional soup made from whole-wheat flour, chicken stock and herbs.

A classic way to celebrate the holidays.10.

Seafood dinnerA classic seafood dinner that has a lot to offer and is perfect for a festive party.

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