When it comes to Japanese salmon, the big players are all about the big markets

Japan’s economy has grown at an annualized rate of 2.5 percent in the past decade, but it has seen a steep decline in fish consumption, as consumers in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere have embraced the Japanese meat, particularly fresh fish.

A recent study published in the journal Fish and Fisheries showed that fish consumption in Japan fell for the first time in three years in 2016.

The reason is that the fish market is shrinking, and many countries have begun reducing their demand for salmon.

The market is expected to shrink by about half this year, from 5 billion tonnes of salmon last year to just 2.4 billion tonnes this year.

A recent study by researchers at Tokyo University found that a key factor behind the decline is the shrinking demand for the meat of fish, which is now used in more than half of the country’s processed foods.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, seafood consumption in 2017 was around 10 billion tonnes, down from 11.7 billion tonnes in 2016, which the researchers said is due to a decline in demand for other types of fish like shrimps and squid.

In addition, many fish products are no longer available in Japanese supermarkets, which have been pressured to reduce the price of their products.

The research also showed that consumption of fish is down significantly in Japan, compared to the U: the study showed that, in the first quarter of 2018, the consumption of tuna had fallen to 2.3 billion tonnes from 3.2 billion tonnes.

Although consumption of Japanese fish remains relatively high, it is still much lower than that of the rest of the world.

The United States and Europe consume more than 40 percent of the global fish market, while China is the second biggest fish market behind the U, accounting for nearly 15 percent of global fish consumption.

But for Japanese consumers, the fish is still a major part of their diet.

According to data from the Japan Food Consumption Survey, the average daily consumption of salmon and shrimping was 2,200 kg in 2017, the equivalent of 735 pounds of fresh salmon.

There is a big gap between the number of Japanese consumers who are eating a particular type of fish and the number who are consuming the rest.

While fish is a mainstay of the Japanese diet, it’s not the only item in the menu.

In recent years, some other foods have also been increasing their consumption, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains.

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