Seafood Party: Sushi chef and chef de cuisine Joe Garcia says it’s time to start over

Joe Garcias new restaurant, Sushi Chef and Chef de Culinary, is a joint venture between Garcia, a former New York chef, and chef Joe DiMaggio, who co-owns the restaurant.

It opened in January.

It’s not the first restaurant in Sushi, a small town near Lake Michigan that sits on Lake Michigan.

It is the first in the country.

Garcia was inspired by DiMags restaurant, which opened in 2000, and he wanted to bring his approach to the restaurant, said Garcia.

He also wanted to have a chef’s experience and create something unique.

I wanted to be the person that the community was going to come to for their sushi, he said.

He plans to focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients that the local fishermen love and he will focus on seafood that the locals eat, Garcia said.

The restaurant has opened on Lake Huron, near Michigan City.

It has an emphasis on fresh fish and local seafood, and has a chef chef de menu.

The chef de la cuisine will be chef Garcia himself, he added.

It will be a collaborative effort between Garcies chefs and chefs from around the country, he explained.

He is an immigrant, and the chef de l’autre is his father.

He was born in France and grew up in the Dominican Republic.

He got his start as a chef in France.

It was not something I was really thinking about, he laughed.

It really was a chance to make something I am passionate about and he has an incredible culinary background, Garciases wife, Michelle, said.

We are really excited about it.

It feels good to have that, she added.

The first fish to be served at the restaurant will be cod.

The menu is going to include a wide range of fish, including some fresh caught fish, and will feature a selection of Asian-style sushi rolls.

Garciias fish is coming from his home in the Soho neighborhood of New York City, Garibios wife said.

They were inspired to make sushi from the fishermen and the fish was something that I felt was really authentic.

They wanted to put a new spin on sushi.

I think it’s going to be a very special experience for everyone in the restaurant and we are very excited to have the opportunity to create something that is really special.

Garibias family has been traveling for the last five years and he’s hoping to be able to return to the Midwest and start a family again, he stated.

His wife is thrilled to be coming back home to their hometown.

I’m excited to be back to work and bring some excitement to the table, he continued.

I hope to have an experience like we had, she said.

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