How to stop the ‘catch-and-release’ fisheries

Fishing companies are taking a big risk with their catch-and and release fisheries and that risk is being exacerbated by the fact that it’s the first time they’ve been forced to tackle the problem on their own.

But there’s one industry that’s taking the risk much more seriously than others.

A group of fish farmers are now suing the Australian government over the new regulations, arguing they’re too slow to tackle fish populations and that it is a breach of the International Convention on Biological Diversity.

The Australian Bureau of Fisheries (ABS) says it will make changes to the Fisheries Act to allow more time for catch- and release.

It will also seek the Government’s consent to increase its own capacity to catch fish.

It’s an issue that will be a major issue as the Australian fishing industry is one of the most important in the world.

In 2016, Australia’s catch-release fishing fleet had the largest fleet in the global seafood industry, with more than 20 million tonnes of fish caught, mostly in the northern parts of the country.

This year, the numbers are down to about 10 million tonnes.

ABS says its current catch-take system is working but there’s a lot more to do.

Catch-and/or release fishery in Australia is very small compared to many other countries.

We are one of only four countries where we have a catch-catch fishery.

We’ve had some success but there are a lot of issues.

So, the Aussie fishing industry has been looking for a way to be able to catch more fish, and this is where the catch-or-release fishery comes in.

We’re saying that, in order to achieve the catch catch- or release quota, we need to increase our own capacity.

There’s a number of different catch-recall technologies in Australia that are used, and we’ve also used these technologies to tackle catch-slices, where you’re able to put a catch of a particular species in a separate container.

The catch-rescue system is another catch-till system.

It is a catch and release fisherys system where you put fish in a container with a particular kind of fish.

These systems work well.

In our catch-recovery system, we’ve put in catch-bait.

It doesn’t require that the catch of the fish is removed, it only requires that the fish be in the same container.

In catch-retain, we put in bait, which is fish that has been caught but hasn’t been tagged.

This has a catch catch value and it’s a catch value that’s determined by the catch value of the previous fish.

Catch value is the catch you have to get out of the catch container.

So if you’ve got a fish that’s been caught, you’re going to get a catch weight of about 10 kilograms, and the catch weight is the value that you’ve calculated from that catch.

But the catch values of the different types of fish in the catch containers will vary depending on the species, size of the vessel, and how many fish have been caught.

So we have catch value.

But, the catch count of the current system, the current catch catch count, is 10 million kilograms.

The total catch-count is about 70 million kilograms, so we’re looking at about a 10 million-kilometre catch-to-catch catch-rate.

The current catch count is a big deal, because it means that the current quota of catch for Australia is going to be reduced by up to 70 per cent, because we’re going from 20 million kilograms to 30 million kilograms of catch.

We’ll be back to our current catch size, which will be about 7 million kilograms a year, which we’ll be able do more than we’ve done before.

But if you go back to the catch and reserve system, which was developed in the 1990s, that catch-value is determined by what species of fish the fisher is doing.

We have two different catch systems in place, catch-farming and catch-restrict.

Catch and reserve fishery has a very different catch system, because the catch is always tied to the size of a fish.

If a fisherman puts a fish in his catch container, that’s considered to be a catch.

If the fisherman removes a fish, that is considered to have been removed from the catch.

There is no catch for every fish in catch and keep.

There are exceptions to the rules, so there’s an exception for fish that are tagged as ‘diseased’.

If a fish is tagged as diseased, it’s considered an unfished fish.

So a fish with that tag is considered diseased.

The rule that we use for catch and hold is that there is a limit to the number of fish that can be caught per day.

It goes up by about 2 per cent every year, but it has never been changed.

The limit is 3 million kilograms per

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