How the Thai restaurant is making the sea alive with seafood

Thai restaurant Nong Khai Siam (Thai Seafood Restaurant) has opened a new seafood bar and restaurant called Nong Shoe.

The eatery has opened its doors in Bangkok with a menu of Thai and Indonesian seafood dishes.

The new restaurant is a new venture for the restaurant and it was founded in 2014 by Nong Siam Khong and his wife Shih Kuan Thaisen, who have been working in the Thai seafood industry for almost 30 years.

The restaurant is part of the Thai Seafood Group (TSG), a major Thai seafood wholesaler.

“The name ‘Nong Shoes’ came from the fact that it is a seafood restaurant in a bar.

The name is based on our restaurant and the Thai tradition of ‘nam sai’, which means fish in water,” said Nong.

Nong said that Thai Seafots menu consists of seafood, seafood salad, chicken, fish and other seafood dishes, with the majority of dishes coming from the region.

Nongs main customer base is from the Thai south, particularly the Thai cities of Phuket, Bangkok and Siem Reap.

“My main customers are people in Bangkok, Bangkoks suburbs, the south of Thailand, and even more from abroad.

I’ve had customers from all over the world.

So it’s a big appeal to us.

We’re hoping to have people from all walks of life come to enjoy this new experience.”

Nong has opened the new restaurant to cater to both Thai and foreign tourists, but has also been expanding its menu to cater for people from across the world as well.

Nung Siam said that the restaurant is currently looking to hire a manager, who will assist in the catering of the restaurant.

“Our menu is not for everyone.

For Thai, we have seafood salads, seafood salads with chicken, seafood fish salad, Thai seafood fish.

But for people who don’t like Thai seafood, we’ve also had chicken wings, shrimp cocktail and chicken and waffles.

We also have a Thai restaurant in the city of Pattaya which is also open to all,” said the restaurateur.

Nang said that he has been in the seafood industry his whole life and said that his customers are a big part of why he chose the seafood business.

“When I was growing up, my dad used to bring home dried fish from Thailand.

We’d go to the market and buy dried fish.

I was just an adult at the time, but my father would make me take the dried fish home and cook it.

That was the first time I knew the importance of eating a healthy diet.

I learned from that.

We all started doing it and now we do the same thing with our seafood.”

Nongs menu also features a selection of Thai traditional seafood dishes like crab cakes, seafood soup, shrimp, chicken and beef and chicken with rice and vegetables.

The seafood menu will be open daily from 9am to 9pm, and will also be served with rice.

“We have a very diverse clientele.

People from all around the world come to the restaurant,” said Mr Nong, who added that the seafood restaurant has opened in the popular tourist spot of Pattani.

He said that there will be different restaurants catering to different groups of customers.

“But the main focus of our menu is for Thai people.

Our Thai food is very popular.

People come for the food and for the atmosphere.

The food is really good.

But there are also many tourists who come for their Thai food and their Thai hospitality.

We are hoping to be a part of that and we’ll keep improving our food,” he added.

The Thai Seafot Group has grown to become a major food chain in the country, with Thai restaurants serving up some of the world’s best seafood.

“This new venture is very big for us.

I think we’re now in a new phase and it’s about expanding our menu to serve more Thai and Thai-inspired dishes,” said Tham Phanong, the chairman of the Nong Seafood group.

Nogas Thai Seafoti is also looking to expand its business to cater specifically to Thai and international customers.

Nogs Thai Seafota is an upscale Thai restaurant catering to international customers with an emphasis on Thai food.

Nogging’s Thai seafood menu has been a popular favourite for many Thai people, including Mr Phanongs.

“I think Thai food has really reached the international markets.

We’ve really been enjoying the Thai food in Thailand.

There are a lot of Thai restaurants that cater to the international market.

We can cater to all sorts of international customers,” said Phan Tien Tham, who is the chairman and chief executive of Nogging Thai Seafoto.

NOGAS Thai Seafotto is also expanding its international catering business.

Nogged’s Thai Seafottie has a menu that includes seafood soup and fish dishes, and also has seafood cocktails and

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