Why Fox News Mardi Gras? News from Fox News: The Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t miss Mardi Guillemas.

Now Playing: The Trump administration says Trump’s budget proposal is “a complete disaster” article Now The Donald: Trump administration’s budget plan is a complete disaster article Now Fox News anchors get to ask about their own children’s future with their parents: “It was a little bit awkward for me, because we all had to be there,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly said of her first encounter with her son, Ben, at Mardi Gresham, where she met his grandparents.

“And they had to say, ‘No, no, no.

It’s okay.'”

The next day, Ben told Kelly that he had a dream about his grandfather, saying, “I just want to be his dad.”

Fox News hosts got to know Ben over the next few days.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelley, left, and Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Sean Hannity were among the guests at a Mardi gras celebration at the New Orleans Convention Center on May 14, 2017.

Kelly was a regular guest at the event.

“We had to tell him, ‘You have a lot of cousins.

You know, some of your ancestors, who are dead.

You can’t say goodbye to them,’ ” Kelly said.

“I think that’s what was very poignant about it, to see what it means to see the family that’s there, but also to see it reflected back to you, to be able to tell the story of that family.”

Afterward, the hosts were given a photo of their grandfather’s ancestors and asked if they had any children who had been involved in the parade.

“That’s a good question,” Megyn said.

Hannity said his parents have “no idea” whether they would have attended the parade, but “they would have loved it.”

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