When will Australia get its shark fin back?

News.co.au/business/story/2015/10/04/when-will-australia-get-its-shark-fin-back/ article The Australian government has been unable to come up with a simple answer to the question of whether it wants to reintroduce the shark fin to its waters, despite repeated calls from animal welfare groups and industry for a moratorium on the import of shark fins.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been trying to push for a “one country, one fish” approach to reintroducing shark fins for more than a decade, with a moratorium in place since 2013.

Under the current plan, the fins will be available for export, but only if the Government has the “political will” to get it in the water.

However, the Prime Minister’s office has acknowledged that the Government does not have the political will.

Mr Rudd has repeatedly said that it is a matter for the industry, and he said the current government was in the process of working on the shark fins issue.

The Prime Minister and his cabinet have been working on shark fins since the summer of 2015, but they have only managed to implement a moratorium that has been in place for two years, and has been criticised by industry groups for not being a “win-win”.

But the Government is continuing to press ahead with the reintroduction of the fins, with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans saying it is “very confident” that it will be able to reintroduced the fins to the Australian waters.

“This Government is committed to getting the shark to the waters,” Environment Minister Mark Butler said on Tuesday.

“That’s why we are putting together the framework for the reintroductions, to see if there is the political might to get the sharks back into our waters.”

Mr Butler also announced a review of how the shark cull was carried out.

“The Government is undertaking a review into the implementation of the cull, particularly in the past two years,” he said.

“We are committed to ensuring that our cull policies are effective, fair and transparent.”

The government has also set up a taskforce to investigate the impacts of the shark population on the environment, and is currently drafting a report.

In October, the Government introduced a “shark cull moratorium” to address the impacts on the marine environment and public health of the current culling.

The government also said it would continue to ban the importation of shark fin from overseas.

The Government also announced it was introducing a “zero-tolerance” policy for the import and trade of shark parts.

It also said the Government would be seeking advice on a new ban on shark fin imports from the US.

Last year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service said it had seen no scientific evidence that sharks were causing harm to humans or other animals.

The Australian Government has also rejected claims by the American National Shark Attack File that the shark ban was being misused, and said it did not have scientific evidence to support the claims.

“It is important to remember that there is no evidence that the ban has ever worked, and it has never been effective,” Mr Butler said.

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