Seaweed, fish and meat are the top three foods in India’s national food security agenda

The National Food Security Agenda (NFSA) was launched in September 2017 by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to achieve the country’s “one-size-fits-all” approach to food security.

The government has promised to provide “a food security framework that will ensure a stable and secure future for our people” by making it easier for consumers to buy local food and improve food security in rural areas.

The NFSA also seeks to promote “food security in all sectors of the economy”.

The Government of India has made a commitment to ensuring a “sustainable food system” by 2020 and is in the process of achieving the National Food Policy, the National Green Mission, the Centre for National Food Development (CNFD), and other policies that support farmers.

According to the National Farmers Federation (NFF), more than 1,300 million Indians are currently in the food system, which includes farmers, labourers, fisherfolk, traders, and other sectors.

In the year 2017-18, more than 718 million farmers were engaged in the agrarian sector, which accounts for more than 70% of the total agricultural population of India.

Accordingly, the NFSA is aimed at increasing the level of food security for these farmers.

“Seaweed is India’s biggest food commodity and it has become a major source of protein for people across the country,” the NFF said in a statement.

According a Food Safety Authority of India (FSAI) report, fish accounts for 30.4% of India’s food imports, the second-largest in the world behind rice.

Fish has also become an important part of Indian cuisine.

“Fish has become one of the top-selling food items in the country, and we need to ensure that it is properly and effectively protected,” FSAI Director General, Pankaj Gupta, said.

“It’s also important to ensure a high level of fish stocks are available, especially in remote areas where fish stocks can be severely affected,” he added.

The FSAI has also said that seafood imports and consumption in India are among the top five food-related issues in the global economy.

The country imports nearly 3.6 million tonnes of seafood per year.

The main food-security objectives of the NFSC are to increase domestic consumption of seafood and improve the availability of seafood products for domestic consumption, improve the efficiency of food production and distribution, increase food security and support farmers in ensuring a sustainable food system.

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