How to spot seafood processing problems in your local seafood processing plant

Seafood processing plants are in high demand.

Some are producing as much as half of the seafood shipped to the U.S. from the U., and they’re also seeing demand for other products that aren’t typically processed.

And with more and more seafood processing plants popping up across the country, it’s easy to miss the signs of trouble.

For example, the U-shaped plastic cap that holds the raw seafood in a bag and allows it to be packed into containers is a common warning sign, but the industry isn’t always aware of what’s wrong with the process.

A report by the Center for Food Safety found that the average U-shape plastic cap is actually a seal that seals the fish inside the bag before it is packed.

The fish will be released from the bag and shipped to a plant that then has to process the fish in a factory.

The seal then comes off the bag, which means the fish will end up in the wrong place.

So how do you tell if your seafood processing facility is failing?

The U-ring of the fish, the white markings, and the white plastic cap are all indications that the fish is being processed incorrectly, the report said.

Here are some common signs to look for: What’s wrong?

The seal that is used to seal the fish on a U- shaped plastic cap.

A seal is an integral part of the entire process, and it’s very important that the seal is properly installed.

For instance, it can be easily damaged, and if the seal isn’t properly installed, it may cause the fish to be left to rot or rot within the fish.

When you see the seal on a fish, you can see the U shape that goes along with the seal.

The U shape is made of two segments that run perpendicular to each other, and when you look at the U on a seafood container, you see two separate segments.

If the U doesn’t match up with the U of the seal, then the seal may be broken.

It also means that the bag may be leaking the contents.

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