How to spot a fake seafood company

A fake seafood processing company that sells cheap seafood and fake shrimp is selling a huge quantity of shrimp and fish, and a huge number of them are not what they seem to be.

The new scam, which has emerged online in Vietnam, involves an online marketplace called S.T.P. Seafood, which sells fake shrimp, shrimp cakes, and seafood products at a huge markup of over $1,000 per kilogram.

The scam started with a post on the website of the National Food Authority (NFA), which oversees the national seafood industry.

According to the NFA, the scam involves a single seller using the name of a company that is not a legitimate seafood processing or processing company.

The seller’s website says the seafood is sourced from the Vietnam region of Guangdong, and it also says it is certified as fresh by the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture.

The buyer’s website is also a scammer’s, with fake prices, fake locations, and fake names.

According to the authorities, the seller is the same person who runs the online shrimp auction site Huan Huan Seafood.

The new scammer is said to be the same individual who also runs the Huan Huynh Seafood website, a site where the seller sells the seafood and other seafood products, as well as other illegal activities.

According to Vietnamese police, a scam like this is not something that has been happening in the seafood industry in Vietnam for a long time.

In the past, the NFFA has warned the authorities against using online auctions for fake seafood sales, but this time, the authorities have taken a more cautious approach.

The NFA said that the online seafood auctions are illegal and should be shut down.

However, this is something that will take time, because the online auctions have become a main source of illegal activities for the Vietnamese seafood industry, said NFFC Director General Huan Vu Thanh.

A report by the Vietnamese police said that there are three main ways for a person to sell fake seafood, including using a fake invoice or an online auction site that is used by a person who is not qualified to buy seafood.

The second way is to purchase seafood from a company whose website says it was registered in Vietnam but is actually a shellfish processing company, said Nguyen Huy Thanh, a spokesperson for the National Fisheries Bureau.

The third way is by buying seafood from another company that does not belong to the government, which then pays a higher price.

The scammer also claims to be selling the seafood for free, and claims that he has made a good profit from his scam.

According a report by Vietnamese police in February, an NFA representative said that it was not clear who was responsible for the fraud, and that the agency was working on the investigation.

The agency also said that some seafood processing companies had already been fined for this scam.

In Vietnam, the government has stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal seafood businesses.

Earlier this year, the Vietnamese government introduced a new law to regulate the seafood market, and also announced the launch of a new national marine security agency, which will be headed by an NFF officer.

The National Food Administration is also conducting an investigation to determine the source of the fraud.

Vietnam has had one of the highest levels of seafood fraud in the world in recent years, with more than 500 seafood companies operating illegally in the country.

In September, Vietnamese authorities launched a campaign to curb the illegal seafood industry after the discovery of dozens of fake seafood processors and restaurants.

The campaign, called Operation Choke Point, has led to the closure of more than 400 shrimp processing plants and seafood processing facilities across the country, and has resulted in more than 6,000 arrests.

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