What you need to know about the seafood industry’s new rules

The seafood industry is preparing to get a lot tougher on pollution.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday finalized a rule that will force companies to disclose their chemicals used in their products, and will require them to pay a $1,000 penalty for each pollutant they use.

This is a major victory for environmental groups, who have been pushing the US government to regulate the industry more strictly, and even more so for the public health.

In a press release, the Sierra Club applauded the move, saying it will help fight “the greatest threat to our health and safety” in the seafood business.

“The rule, the biggest of its kind to date, is another step forward toward an even more transparent seafood industry,” the Sierra stated in the release.

“This will help ensure that the seafood companies are putting the public’s health first and not exploiting their profits for political gain.”

The new rule will go into effect in September.

It will be the first time that the US Fish & Wildlife Service has enforced a federal regulation for seafood since it started regulating the industry in 2010.

This comes after the agency announced last year that it was looking into regulating the seafood trade in 2020.

The agency said it wanted to establish “clear standards and rules for seafood production, processing, and sale, with a view to minimizing the risk of harmful pollutants being released into the environment.”

That new rule is currently under review.

It’s not clear if the US Food and Drug Administration will be allowed to oversee seafood.

The Federal Trade Commission will oversee the seafood sector, but the agency has not yet announced a position on the new regulation.

In April, the Fish & Fish Workers Council, an advocacy group for the industry, filed a lawsuit against the government, asking the court to block the agency’s rule from taking effect.

The seafood trade has become a major battleground in the 2016 election.

In August, Republican nominee Donald Trump said he’d be a supporter of the seafood-focused candidate.

“I think they’re very good at it,” Trump told Bloomberg News at the time.

The industry has long opposed any regulation, and has said it will fight the rule if it’s put in place.

In response, the government’s Office of Management and Budget has issued guidance to the agency stating that it can take several years to regulate all seafood, and that it should prioritize the fish industry and seafood producers over the broader public health concerns.

It also warned that the proposed rules are likely to cause a “greater likelihood” of foodborne illness, particularly among children.

The Trump administration has said that the rules are necessary to prevent the spread of disease and to prevent seafood from becoming a public health hazard.

However, it also said that it will review the proposed rule when it’s finalized, and could still change it.

The proposed rule also says that the agency can require that companies disclose information about the chemicals they use to manufacture their products and that the information must be made public within 30 days of the agency issuing the rule.

However this process may be more cumbersome than the agency currently allows, the agency said in its guidance.

The EPA has not specified how the new rules would be enforced, but in a statement, the Office of Special Counsel said that if companies fail to comply with the proposed regulation, the agencies authority to regulate them could be challenged.

The government has not issued any final rules on the proposed regulations.

This article was updated at 11:45 a.m.

ET on September 24 to reflect the EPA’s statement on the Trump administration’s plan to regulate seafood.

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